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Dallas Blooms

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When you live in the city, little segments of nature stick out like a bull in a china shop. And if you're like me, they always make you stop in awe or squeal with glee. ...Okay maybe you don't get that excited, but there's still something to appreciate there, right?


What is it about a shady hiking trail, the neighborhood creek, or a patch of wildflowers on the side of the road that has so many of us geeking out or just breathing deeper? Is it that we crave peace, quiet, simplicity?

I actually think, for me, it's something different. We exist in an age where everything is so manufactured. We are constantly surrounded by man-made objects; our food is carefully engineered and processed; even the things we build are built by machines we build. Think about that one for a sec.


I think the fact that so much beauty exists in nature without us having to lift a finger, is just... sort of magical. There's stark contrast between the pavement that took painstaking effort to create - and a patch of daisies - something so effortless. It literally becomes a breath of fresh air.

That's why, when I have my camera on hand, I will always pause to take photos of flowers. Just try and stop me. When I took these pictures, I was actually on location for some business headshots. We were surrounded by the Dallas Blooms, too irresistible for a budding photographer. So as soon as we were done with the portraits, I beelined it STRAIGHT to the nearest garden and snapped away for half an hour. My heart was so full of joy! Even still I just marvel at these photos.


Based on that majestic little experience, I definitely recommend heading to the Dallas Arboretum to stretch your floral photography muscle, if you don't know someone with their own garden you can traipse through. They have an abundant and varied supply of blooms throughout 66 acres of land, reaching its peak during Spring, of course.

I implemented just one technique to capture each of these shots (no editing required, believe it or not!). I didn't have a macro lens, so I applied the telephoto lens I was using for portraits. I selected my focus point on a flower and got as close as I could to it with my lens set to the shortest focal length, 75 mm. Snap enough pics to make sure it doesn't come out blurry and voila!


I kind of love the fact that, just like with memories, people, and milestones, flowers will come and go - but you can preserve them, forever, with photography. (Did you think you were going to reach the end of this blog post without enduring some kind of cheesy metaphor?) In all seriousness, though, what a gift it is to immortalize that kind of beauty through the camera.


Stop and smell the roses, Dallas friends. Bonus points for taking pictures.

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Emily Lee