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Inspiration from Flowers at Home

I come from a family of creators. While my interest has been photography for over ten years, my dad builds and restores, and my mom sings, writes, and just recently found a love for gardening. 

She has steadily been surrounding their house with beautiful many-colored florals that are easy to maintain but definitely make the once-unnoticed house stand out in the old neighborhood. 

purple flowers in sunset
purple pansies
yellow daisies

I just recently got a new (red) Canon camera AND it came with an extra telephoto zoom lens. Finally I can get a blurred bokeh background effect - perfect for portraits and up close detail shots!

New camera, new colorful flora adorning my parents' yard - how could I resist?! The amazing thing is, natural golden-hour light was all these beauties needed to shine. No editing involved!

garden flower photo
two dandelions
royal blue flowers in front yard

My style of photography is vibrant subject matter in natural light. I have always loved being in nature and these flowers just fit the bill for allowing me to practice with the new gear!

Emily Lee