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Create Endless Posing Combos With These 6 Easy Tips for Guys

6 easy posing tips for guys by emily jane

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everyone’s mind goes blank on a first-time photoshoot when it comes to posing (even when you’re trying to avoid “posing”!). And for some reason, us photographers generally tend to have a more difficult time directing guys and keeping them looking effortless.

But, just like with anything, a little preparation and practice goes a looong way when you’re just starting out. Whether you’re having your photo taken, or taking the photos, think about some of the following concepts and it’ll keep you moving through your photoshoot. I’ll provide some example images for each point. They’ll seem really obvious now, but you’d be surprised at how often you fall back on the good ole ‘stand and smile’ when you’re on location!


Starting with the easiest:


I think we can all agree smiling is attractive in a photo. But sometimes a nice photo of a guy staring into the lens like he’s gonna devour it is even more impactful. So change it up! Between a daydream gaze and an outburst of laughter is a wide range of expressions you can work with,

young man not smiling
young man looking pleasant
young man laughing


Another hilariously easy way of differentiating your photos: take a look around! The eyes of the subject do not ALWAYS need to be aimed at the camera. Point your gaze towards a tree off to the side or pretend to look for something really far off in the distance. You can watch your feet while you walk in a straight line, or count the clouds in the sky.

black guy looking at camera
black guy looking left
black guy looking right


Alternate the positioning! You can stand in place or walk; you can sit or kneel. In either case, find something to lean on in order to mix it up. Sit forward, sit back. Plant both feet on the floor, then prop one up on something. It’s the simple things that can prevent all your photos looking alike!

boy standing straight
boy sitting with leg up
boy leaning on column


Think about straightforward tasks a guy can do with his hands with what he’s got on. Pockets? Use em. Try taking a cap on and off. If you’ve got a hoodie, zip it up and down or lift the hood up. Button buttons, straighten ties, and tie shoelaces. Roll up your sleeves and show off that nice watch! These small motions allow your photos to appear more natural and bring life into them.

graduate showing his watch
graduate with both hands in pockets
graduate with one hand in pocket


Before the shoot, think of an object that’s relevant to you and your interests. The easiest one would be some sort of sports equipment. A ball is a great way to infuse movement into your pictures, simply by tossing it around or turning it in your hands. But maybe you’re a guy who’s super tech-y and can play around with his laptop or some sweet headphones. If you are in love with your car, bring it to the shoot! Take pictures, in, next to, or even on the car if you wish. These make great day-in-the-life style photos that are less perfect and more authentic.

african american throwing football
african american holding football
african american tossing football


Lastly, one of the easiest ways to make your photos look awesome (and different from one another) is to have a great backdrop! It could be something architecturally, artistically, or naturally interesting (think colors or lines). This might be a stairway, an art mural, or a whole mountain.! If you can get in front of anything visually appealing, you’ve already taken your photos to the next level no matter what “pose” you’re doing.

guy sitting on steps
guy in front of brick wall
guy standing near doorway

You can already start to see how these concepts are naturally combined to create a variety of looks. Start with focusing on one thing at a time. Pretty soon these ideas will become automatic to you and you’ll be able to just wing it (and get more creatively inspired by what you have to work with).

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